Streaming and monetisation

Can I stream a game, or create (and monetise) a Let's Play video?

If you have purchased a game (or received the game as a gift/key), you are welcome to stream and/or record a video of the game being played.

Monetisation - Advertisements, or other revenue-generating streams (such as the YouTube Partner Program) are allowed for Let's Play style, reviews or tutorial videos. Subscription services (e.g. such via Twitch)

Non-commercial use - You may generate revenue through advertisments or subscriptions as noted above. Please contact me using the form below if you wish to charge viewers for the specific viewing of a video containing content from any games developed here.

Windows & OS X help

If the game does not download through Steam

Test the issue after performing each step below;

If the game quits unexpectedly at startup, or shows a blank black screen

Test the issue after performing each step below;

If the game does not launch through Steam, or quits unexpectedly to the desktop

Test the issue after performing each step below;

iPhone & iOS help

iOS: General Troubleshooting

iOS: Other Issues

If the above troubleshooting does not resolve the issue, your phone manufacturer's support website contains a lot of information specific to their services and products, such as;

Click here for more information on phone specific issues.

Other Issues: The game is hard and I am mad.

    Consider taking a short break. Studies and peer reviewed sources correlate taking short breaks and improvement in overall performance. Remember: It's only game.

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